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Welcome to (Real Base Welfare Foundation Organization) extends helping hand to the educated white collar lower middle class deprived people. The fife has become miserable due to inflation, unemployment and loss in business etc. Desperate and distressed sons leave their homes and parents in old age to suffer on their own. They try to try their luck out of station or out of country. It is not easy. Either they are deported or jailed for not having proper documents. They suffer there and their parents live a miserable unattended life back home. Life is pitiful as no medication no food no basic requirements of life for them. I run a small clinic in a remote area so well aware of the hardships of the people around. So I observe the curse of poverty very closely. A man was seen wandering in despair near my clinic. He was called and asked the reason for his misery. He told that he’s not a beggar. He’s educated but jobless. No means of earning. His son got very high fever. Though the medical store is there, the clinic is there but having no money to get medication. He was immediately provided with medication, food and other necessary things. Since then he was looked after morally and financially by the RBWO He’s not the only case but many other needy and deprived families and widows are taken care of by RBWO.